Charles Tucker with Puanani Burgess

Who we are: Susan Glisson was the founding executive director of the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, an internationally recognized healing and anti-racism center, named for former Mississippi governor William Winter.  In that capacity, Dr. Glisson created and launched an innovative trust-building and equity process called the Welcome Table, named after a stirring freedom song from the Civil Rights Movement. Charles Tucker, MFA, joined the Winter Institute in 2009 as associate director and helped enhance the process to its current form.  He brings a 30-year career in journalism, communications, and non-profits. 

Susan Glisson with Emogene Bryant

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Who Are We?  Sustainable Equity, LLC, is a healing and equity consulting firm based in Oxford, Mississippi. We work passionately at building community trust and fostering fairness.  We work with grassroots leaders, municipalities, law enforcement organizations, universities, religious groups, and corporations.  Indeed, we will eagerly, gladly work with anyone who desires a more just society. Altogether, we’ve been at it for more than three decades.

What’s with the name?  We get that a lot!  “Equity” means “fairness.”  Most people think it’s just a financial term. It’s not. It is a call for the golden qualities of impartiality and justice.

But here’s the thing: fairness is never won once and for all time. It has to be won, and then constantly protected. It is a recurring process.

Think of it like tending a garden -- you can’t just weed it one time. If we do not tend it regularly, do the things that must be done to maintain it, the weeds of partiality and injustice will overtake our social gardens of equity and fair play. We have to work diligently to nurture the things we want to keep in our individual lives as well as in society at large.

So, at SE our work is twofold. First, we work to bring forth healing and equity in society. And secondly, we endeavor to sustain it, to keep fairness alive and robust.

What informs our work? Human compassion, over 30 years of experience in community building, helpful scholarship, and extensive data collecting! Our approach is non-blaming and non-shaming.  But we seek helpful remedies for inequality and extremism.With these aids we seek to create a culture of connection and truth-telling that enables  communities, groups and organizations to create new practices and policies that repair past injustice and secure  transformation in all areas of difference.