“I'm more privileged than I realized. Telling stories is the most powerful way to understand difference."

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What We Do

Sustainable Equity, LLC is a minority and female-owned consulting firm based in Mississippi.  Its co-founders have over three decades of building community trust and social justice work with grassroots leaders, municipalities, universities and corporations.  

Susan Glisson was the founding director of the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, an internationally recognized civil rights and social justice center located at the University of Mississippi.  In that capacity, Dr. Glisson created and launched an innovative community building and equity process called the Welcome Table, named after a stirring freedom song from the Civil Rights Movement. Charles Tucker, MFA, joined the Winter Institute in 2009 and helped refine the process to its current form.  

Created on the principle that achieving justice requires both the inner work of individuals examining their own attitudes and biases combined with the outer work of building trusting and respectful relationships that lead toward advocacy and policies for justice, their community building approach served more than 15 communities in Mississippi. Its successes included a historic conviction in a cold civil rights case, in passage and implementation of a statewide law requiring civil rights and human rights history curriculum in all Mississippi schools, plus dozens of other local actions that have improved the quality of life for local citizens. Since then, the model, under Susan and Charles’ leadership, has spread to other locales, including New Orleans, Arkansas, and South Carolina, and has been used to help transform universities and corporate partners. Of special note, Susan and Charles are facilitating the process in a Department of Justice and John Jay College of Criminal Justice-sponsored initiative for six American cities on community trust and public safety with marginalized communities and police departments. 

"Great work. Insightful facilitators! There is a safe, powerful and meaningful way to discuss our differences."

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Who we are

While Mississippi has broken both of our hearts, it has also given us strength and wisdom.  We are grounded in the lessons and mentorship of grassroots leaders who helped topple segregation and built moments of Beloved Community in the heart of the Closed Society. That training has taken us from Mississippi, across the nation and now includes international learning partners in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and South Africa.

Informed by scholarship, data and over 30 years of practice-based evidence in community building, advocacy and public policy, our firm offers a learning journey to organizations seeking to make the greatest collective impact on creating inclusive, trusting and humane work and social environments. We believe that strengthening civil society is the path to achieving sustainable equity, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Our approach is an antidote to inequality, a prevention for extremism, and transformative experience based on self-reflection and authentic and meaningful connections. By changing interpersonal and public conditions that undergird inequality and separation, we can reset biased attitudes and mindsets and intervene in discriminatory behaviors. At its core, our work is about creating a culture of connection and truth-telling for transformation.

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“I was able to feel the experiences of my teammates and the pains these experiences caused. This openness allowed us to come closer together and understand why we react differently to situations.”

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“Overall, I would do this again and would recommend to every organization as a "must do". I went into this skeptical and emerged a very powerful believer that the education accomplished in one week has the ability to enrich lives and communities into perpetuity.”

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