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Resources to Build a Progressive Movement

Tools for organizing movements on the local level

Myth: Movements succeed if they mobilize large, mass actions. 

   Countless times the refrain is made: "We just need to have a giant march on Washington." However, movements don't win because of singular actions. Movements need ongoing resistance--otherwise, the powerholders can just wait until the march is over and continue ignoring movement requests. Movements require sustained pressure for change at many levels. It takes time to build, but without ongoing resistance, movements don't achieve their goals. 

   Each of these myths that we are taught makes us look externally, whether for the heroic leader, the right circumstances, or the big mass action. But movements are most effective when we look inward and find strength in ourselves and our relationships. To do this, one starting point is understanding the different roles people play in movements, so we can find our own best way to participate and contribute. 

From Building a Movement to End Jim Crow​​


   You begin with a protest. But you have to move on to another stage. You have to begin becoming the solution yourself. So many institutions of our society need reinventing. And you need to do that. You may not be satisfied with rebelling. You have to understand that we’re at one of those turning points in history where we need revolution. And revolution means reinventing culture.

From Grace Lee Boggs Interview (2011)