We are grateful for our partners! If you'd us to work with you, call 662-234-6819 or email us at info@sustainableequity.net

Birmingham Police Department and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

City of Boston (Boston Talks About Racism)

Emmett Till Memorial Commission

Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police

MICDS:  Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School

Mississippi Votes

Mississippi Symphony

The National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice in collaboration with the John Jay College of Criminal Justice's  National Network for Safe Communities

Square One Project:  Reimagine Justice

University of South Carolina: South Carolina Collaborative on Race and Reconciliation


Our Partners

Grounded in community.  Building coalitions for healing and equity.

"Great work. Insightful facilitators! There is a safe, powerful and meaningful way to discuss our differences."

"I'm more privileged than I realized. Telling stories is the most powerful way to understand difference."

“Overall, I would do this again and would recommend to every organization as a "must do". I went into this skeptical and emerged a very powerful believer that the education accomplished in one week has the ability to enrich lives and communities into perpetuity

“I was able to feel the experiences of my teammates and the pains these experiences caused. This openness allowed us to come closer together and understand why we react differently to situations.”

What Participants Say