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“Overall, I would do this again and would recommend to every organization as a "must do". I went into this skeptical and emerged a very powerful believer that the education accomplished in one week has the ability to enrich lives and communities into perpetuity.”

Anonymous Participant

Giving Back to Our State

Mississippians Stand Together

Mississippians Stand Together (MST) began in the wake of the election to provide resources for greater civic engagement, to support bridge building across historic divides while also protecting our deepest held moral values as a  nation. MST is a resource for grassroots organizers in our state working to promote moral leadership. We continue to work with leaders across the state to create the best resource we can offer to the state-wide effort in educating Mississippi organizers, activists and future voters. We have dedicated our time to building this website and to keeping up with events in all regions of Mississippi to drive up attendance and awareness for those looking to build relationships and make connections with other concerned citizens. ​

Our partners mean so much to us. Please visit their websites to learn more about them. If you're interested in becoming a partner, get in touch with us

University of South Carolina: South Carolina Collaborative on Race and Reconciliation

The National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice  
in collaboration with the John Jay College of Criminal Justice's  National Network for Safe Communities

Emmett Till Memorial Commission

City of Boston (Boston Talks About Racism)

Our Partners

Grounded in the community.

“I was able to feel the experiences of my teammates and the pains these experiences caused. This openness allowed us to come closer together and understand why we react differently to situations.”

Anonymous Participant

​What Participants Say

"Great work. Insightful facilitators! There is a safe, powerful and meaningful way to discuss our differences."

Anonymous Participant

“I'm more privileged than I realized. Telling stories is the most powerful way to understand difference."

Anonymous Participant